Child Custody


Child Custody

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

123 Custody Company, led by experienced child custody lawyers, helps separating couples find a mutual ground on matters related to the future of their children. We understand that divorce proceedings can be taxing for both parents and children. By extending the expertise of affordable child custody attorneys in Dallas, we help you protect your child’s interests, without having to run from pillar to post. Our child custody attorneys leverage extensive experience and deep legal knowledge to ensure a secure future for your child.

Types of Child Custody in Texas

Child custody, called as “Conservatorship” in Texas, has two categories – joint and sole conservatorship. The court decides whether to order a joint or sole conservatorship after evaluating numerous factors, such as the separating parent’s earnings, behavioral history, and medical background.

Joint Conservatorship

The judges understand that parental involvement is essential for raising children, which is why they require parents to communicate before going ahead with any decisions that may impact the future of their children. If parents love their children, the courts see it in their efforts to jointly care for the children, against all odds. Whatever agreement you and your spouse work out for the benefit of the children, the court is not going to second guess you.

Sole Managing Conservatorship

Sole conservatorship is automatic in cases of family violence. If one of the parents carries the entire burden of raising the child to the point where you can say that the other one neglects the responsibility, then the first parent may claim sole custody. The courts see roughly 22,000 new cases of sole custody a year in Dallas County. People fit into patterns, some good and caring, some neglectful and self-centered. The courts have experience in dealing with all types of cases.

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Solving matters related to child custody can be complicated and difficult, especially when you are unfamiliar with the legal system and finding it a challenge to handle the emotional stress of the separation. Hire one of our affordable child custody lawyers to make this transition easier. To schedule an initial no-obligation consultation and learn about our payment plans, contact us at 214.599.9979 or fill out our contact form for more information.