FAQs: Family Law Assistance


Why do Courts favor Joint Legal Custody?

The judges favor joint custody. They know that parental involvement is vital for raising children in the right manner. Texas Judges want parents to communicate before making significant decisions. Nevertheless, the judges are realistic, they know that 85% times there is a dominant parent who gets to all the doctor’s appointments, school conferences and extra-curricular events. If the parents love their children, the court sees it in their efforts to jointly care for the children, despite the statistics. Whatever child custody agreement you both work out for the benefit of the children, the court is going to accept.

How to Get Full Custody?

Full custody is automatic in cases of child neglect and family violence. If one of the parents carries the entire burden of raising the child to the point where you can say that the other one neglects the responsibility, then you can get full custody.

The courts see 22,000 new cases a year in Dallas County. People fit into patterns, some good and caring, some neglectful and self-centered. The courts have experience in dealing with these types of cases, while always staying focused on the children’s needs.

How to Get Child Support, Back Child Support?

A family lawyer in Dallas, TX, or in any other region of the state, must file a lawsuit. The judges often follow the standard rules, 20% of net income for the first child and 5% more for every other child. The laws allow for adjustments as needed for circumstances. There is back child support from the date of separation.

How to Get a Paternity Test?

The judge knows that one out of three times a DNA test is done, mom is caught presenting a lie. If paternity is confirmed in a custody battle, the non “Custodial Parent” in the relationship must pay child support. If, however, a DNA test confirms that a man is not the biological father, then that man does not have to pay.

How to Modify Child Support?

Texas law allows people to go back to court and change the original court order, if they are able to prove that the requested changes will make the child’s life better. Situations occur all the time and the courts are used to dealing with modifying court orders. Most common modification lawsuits are for changing child support, like when somebody gets a raise or loses their job, the child support can be changed. The second most common is when one parent finds out that the other parent is placing the child in danger, either physical or emotional. The court will act immediately when you bring the danger to the Judge’s attention. The other common request is to move away from the area and take the child with you.

Is it Possible to Terminate a Biological Parent’s Rights?

You can terminate a biological parent’s rights to their child if they neglect their relationship, not supporting emotionally and financially. You can count on the court to do what is best for the child, irrespective of how influential the biological parent or the Dallas family law attorney hired to fight the case.

Have More Questions?

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